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The Arlo - White in Black

The Arlo - White in Black

The Osma - White in Navy

The Osma - White in Navy

The Osma - White in Tan

The Osma - White in Tan

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To us, watches are not just time keepers, they accompany us as we make our way. Watches are a part of our day to day and a part of our out of the ordinary days. They keep us on course. We have all looked at our watch seconds before, or minutes after some of the biggest moments in our lives. We have all put our watches on with purpose before a big day ahead or removed them at night after a momentous one. They came with us, they guided us and they were our silent companion. 

We took our inspiration from this to create thoughtfully designed, carefully sourced, timeless, yet sleek & modern watches to accompany you through the next most important phase of your life, wherever your course may take you.  


We rely on our integrated and agile supply chain & progressive business model to enable us to offer our timepieces at competitive price points without compromising on quality or design. Our materials and fair pricing speak for themselves, showing we truly do deliver on this promise. We also offer two tiers of watches, both at different price points, so that our brand is accessible to more, whatever stage of your journey you are at.  

We want Avail to be your choice of watch throughout your entire journey and this is why we sacrifice margin in the short term for your loyalty in the long term.



We love hearing from our customers & our stockists too as well as anyone else who would like to chat about our watches, so please do get in touch. 



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