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Two Year Limited Warranty

Here at Avail we know how important it is when making an investment in a watch that your chosen timepiece will be durable and stay on your journey and be with you when you need it the most. We therefore guarantee that your watch will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for two years (24 months) from the date of purchase. This is standard across our entire range and longer than many other watch manufacturers offer. We want you to feel confident of the quality of your Avail watch and so we provide this two-year warranty to give you that piece of mind.  We are also very confident of the quality and craftmanship of our pieces and this is reflected in our warranty. 

What an Avail warranty will cover:

During the warranty period, if your watch should show a manufacturing defect, workmanship defect, or malfunction due to a faulty component, we will repair or replace your watch free of charge without any fuss and within 5 working days from confirmation to you of whether a repair is possible or a replacement will be shipped. 

The warranty covers purchases made at, and any authorised retailer. You will know that a retailer is authorised as they will issue you with an Avail Warranty Card at the point of purchase.  If you purchase your new or used Avail watch from an unauthorised website or retailer the warranty will not apply.

What an Avail warranty will not cover:

  • Replacement of battery.

  • Internal or external damage caused by normal wear and tear, forceful treatment, or misuse which lead to damage, scratches, chips, cracks, abrasions, rips or tears on any part of the watch.

  • A watch that has signs of tampering or that has been modified or one that has been repaired by an unauthorised third party during the warranty period.

  • Damage that results from exposure of the watch to extreme temperatures or to extreme pressure including submergence in water over any recommended depth as found in the product details.

  • Water damage due to misuse.

  • Stolen or lost watches.

  • Accidental damage.

  • Watches purchased from an unauthorised online or bricks and mortar retailer.


How to make an Avail warranty claim?

Making a warranty claim is simple. Just e-mail us at and provide us with:

Your name, the details shown on your warranty card (model number, date & place of purchase) (or send us a picture if that is easier for you) along with details of what is wrong with your watch along with photographs of the watch where applicable. 

What happens once I have submitted my claim?

You will receive a response from us within 48 hours. We may have some more questions for you but most likely will ask for you to send the watch to our workshop for analysis. Once we receive the watch from you, assuming that none of the exceptions above are apparent, we will write to you again (usually within 3 working days) to advise you of whether we can repair your watch or whether we shall send you a replacement.

If we can repair your watch you will receive it back at your chosen address within 10 working days.

If we replace your watch, we will dispatch a new one to you within 48 hours. We care about our watches and our customers and you will receive a fair and hassle free experience. 

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